A series of online meeting on using Microbiome Prescription

Based on several online meeting that I had, I thought a series of online meeting for people to ask questions, be shown features, etc would benefit many. All meetings were recorded and then posted on YouTube. After viewing these, you may wish to view this from Jan 2023 also.

The scope of these meetings

Link to Calendar Click to go directly to Meeting

The second in a series of online sessions. Shows how dosages are determined from EXISTING studies and shows how just one suggestion may be based on over 20 different studies (with working links to the studies).
This is several magnitude better than ANY microbiome testing company suggestions

One link was broken in the demo. It is now fixed and a walk through is done below.

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  1. 7am, even 11am Eastern, is not a good idea IMO. As you know, one of the main symptoms of ME/CFS is ‘unrefreshing sleep’, which is a gross understatement. I think you’d get a much higher response if you moved the time to at least noon pacific.

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