Which tests are best to use?

I deem “best” on these critieria:

  • The amount of information reported
  • The ability to get that information into the data store so suggestions may be generated with the best details (direct transfer or uploadable files)
  • The number of tests uploaded from a lab (the more uploads, the more we can identify patterns!)

These tests are not available everywhere.

  • World Wide
    • 💰 Biomesight – ships world wide. There is a discount code “MICRO” that may still be available
      • 2430 samples uploaded, up to 1300 different bacteria
  • Europe
    • 💰💰💰💰💰 Xenogene provides information on virus and fungii too!
      • 35 samples uploaded, up to 5240 different bacteria

Extra Citizen Science Analysis is done when there are over 200 samples uploaded.

Many other tests are supported (see this report)