You want to use data on your own site?

Lassesen Consulting intends to keep this site free for the general public for personal use. This includes individual physicians for their own patients. We make the contributed data (microbiomes and symptoms) freely available for citizen scientists. Data is at

The site also contains manually curated data that is available by REST Api calls. We refer to this as Research As A Service. This is intended to be a for-pay service. The curated data is constantly being enriched — thus subscribing to the latest data is likely the best. This latter information is centered on modifying a given microbiome or conditions.

Types of Commercial Subscriptions

This data may be used only by license on commercial / for profit sites.

This data has not been independently validated to be correctly transcribed (an expensive time consuming- thus expensive process). Our recommended approach is the supplying of URL’s to the source study for a specific aspect. This URL is often a summary page, for example, a summary on PubMed. You may have additional costs to obtain the full article from the publishers. We cannot share any articles from behind a paywall that we have used.

Curated URLs by Topic

Our value-added is the manual and artificial intelligence curation of many hundred of thousands of studies selected for review. Our best estimate of time is around 3 hrs by a very skilled researcher per article to locate each significant URL. The cost per article from a publisher frequently range from $20 to over $100.

Elsevier Wordmark
A major provider charges around $32.00 per article

Replication cost for the data in our database is thus around $100+ per URL. We offer this at a fraction of this cost. The reading and interpretation is the subscriber responsibility.

URL’s may be provided filtered to specific scopes. There are three models available:

One Time (data as of NOW) – sent as a Excel Sheet

Subscription (Rest calls) – a fixed yearly subscription rate (One time cost, with 20% being the yearly maintenance fee after the first year)

As stated above, the data has not been validated. Credit will be given for any errors reported back to us.

Curated Associations with URLs

This includes our metadata extracted from the article. Pricing is done on a per association basis. In some cases, there may be over a dozen associations coming from a single article; the charge is based on each association and not the article.

As stated above, the data has not been validated. Credit will be given for any errors reported back to us.

Suggestions Based on Microbiome data

This does not require data to be saved to our database. Microbiome data will be sent as JSON with suggestion algorithm specification. For example, if you want just probiotic suggestions, that may be specified. If you want it limited to only specific probiotics, that can be in the specification too. The response will include a count of the number of studies causing a shift of a particular taxonomy by a particular modifier but will not include the URL to the study.

Given that most microbiome analysis firms charge around $100. A nominal pricing of $2-$5 (depending on volume) should be expected.

Other Models Can be Negotiated

We will estimate the cost of someone getting this data from a green field, and look for no less than 10% of the green field cost. This saves you money and provide a very good value for the cost.

How do we get our data usually?

The old fashion way of manual review after sub-setting articles using machine learning. The video below shows the process. Articles are loaded, scanned, lists of key words appear and then the reader records what is significant.