Lab Cooperation

We provide an API to allow user data to be directly transfer from a lab site to our site. This is done my making an API call with a JSON payload containing the taxonomy and basic information about the user.

An example of what is expected is shown below:

{ "UserId": "908034785", "Person": "Melanie", "Login": "", "LabSoftware": "AmazonLabs", "SampleDate": "2020-02-14", "Taxonomy": [ { "Taxon": 2321, "TaxonName": "Dogfood", "RawCount": "100", "Count": 1000 }, { "Taxon": 2322, "TaxonName": "Dogfood", "RawCount": 100, "Count": 1000 } ] }

Before transferring data, make sure that your user consent to our usage statement:

By uploading, you consent to allow your microbiome data and symptoms to be made available to citizen scientists for further discoveries.

The open test site (does NOT save) uses POST to

The Json response will identify any issues found with the data.

Technical Issues That May Occur

Make sure that you are specifying content type

Check your payload with a Json Validator, i.e.


At the moment, nothing. If over 500 samples are submitted by one lab, a nominal $.20 per sample will be billed quarterly to cover costs we are charged to offer this.


There are two ways of exchanging credentials.

Do a post to with the UserId and Login. This will automatically log the person in. All samples matching the Login (which could be an email) will be visible (including those that they have uploaded prior). The last UserId and Login pair received will be used for validation

Provide an JSON end point.

We will send the login and password they enter on our site to this end point and expect a “true” or “false” response.