Top Microbiome Providers with Discount Codes

  • 🛑 Ombre (formerly known as Thryve) will not ship out of the US (according to reader reports)
  • 💥 BiomeSight (UK) will ship to all countries
  • Both of these companies use the same lab for processing, the difference is the software for processing the raw 16s data from the lab and their interpretations. The FASTQ files from a sample may be uploaded to the other for an alternative interpretations.

There are three providers that provide files that will upload (or transfer to my site) for further analysis. You may wish to review the amount of data that each provides.

  •[BEST BUY]– a newer kid that is working hard to add features and improve their offerings. Discount Code: Micro (£60 off ) . Alternative discount from Gut Club : THEGUTCLUB50 (33%)
    • Special interest in Autoimmune Conditions (they publish studies).
    • UK based and preferred for Europeans (Avoids duties and shipping costs issues reported with Nirvana )
    • Free shipping to USA
    • They have a special skin autoimmune study kit for £50
  • Ombre [BEST BUY] An automatic discount of up to 30% occurs by clicking this link. This is the kid that replaced the disappearance of
    • Gut Club has current discount code: THEGUTCLUB15  for at 15% discount (direct email from Ombre)
The quantity of information expected from different providers. Latest Numbers.

American Gut and British Gut is not recommended (similar costs but fewer bacteria reported).

  • Nirvana – the newest kid on the block. They use CosmosId. Discount Code: prescript15 – 15% Discount. They report includes virii and fungii and candida, while more expensive — for troublesome conditions, it is good to have these additional areas covered. They have a special interest in Autism.
    • You will need to contact support to get a CSV download, it is not on their web site
    • They do not make FASTQ files available
    • Users have had frustrations getting the data to upload