What are Suggestions?

They are not prescriptions, required to take. Modifying the microbiome depends on many factors including:

  • Age
  • Gender
    • For women: pre-or-post menopause
  • Your DNA /SNP / Epigenetics
  • Longitude (distance from the equator)
  • Amount of exercise
  • Diet

What works well for one person may work little for another. For some literature see this post.

Suggestions are a “Short List”

These are items which have been calculated to have a good probability of making a shift in the desired direction. The medical literature does not enough information on whether the shift will be major or minor. Is there no ability to do relative ranking? Is Oat porridge better than Barley porridge? We do not know. People will speculate and give their opinions based on their personal experience. Experience differs from person to person.

Pick a few the most favorable to you items from the list and try for a couple of weeks. If no apparent change, pick some other items from the list. This is a short list for “trial and error” that should have a much better chance of success than trying things randomly suggested on facebook or other social media.


Avoids should be dropped unless there is a specific reason to keep. A reason may be that a physician wants you to take something. Do not remove without first discussing with your physician.

These are items with good odds that they will support the dysfunction. You want to reduce those odds.

Everything is odds!

We do not have sufficient information to determine what will actually work. We have sufficient information to suggest items that will likely work better than picking items at random.