Human Source: Seed Probiotics – No Persistence

This is a new company that started shipping product in May 2019 with a 30 day guarantee (I believe this is a money back if no change)

Considering this is ~100 BCFU/day, the cost is very reasonable. Ideally, the probiotic should persist. This appears to NOT OCCUR with Seed, see  this update on the results after 2 months on Seed.


Female Version

Note that the country of origin is included in the strain designation.

Male Version

Bottom Line

This from a technical perspective, beats the pants off the typical health-food store probiotic mixture.

I grabbed one of the above strains (B. lactis SD-MB2409-IT) and did a little digging:

The origin of some of these strains appear to be, they have a very informative list of their strains to research studies PDF that can be downloaded here.

They do have a referral program, if you order via this link, I get free product (no cash).

This gets 3.5 out of 4 thumbs up:

  • Human Sourced
  • Strain Identified
  • Studied
  • 1/2 for country of origin for source.
  • Unfortunately: Has NOT been shown to persist in at least 10% of patients