Drug Impacts

A friend asked about how to modify their diet to minimize the impact of doxycycline. I had an old page on that but discovered that it was both broken and inconsistent with revisions and new features. I have brought it up to standards.


Step 1: Find the Drug

For a Find on the page (or scroll). All of the trade names should be included.

Step 2: Look at the Impact

Just click on the item above. You will see a new page with LOTS of items often.

At the top of the page, Click on “Correcting for drug Impact”

Step 3: Review The Suggestions

The suggestions are ordered from most to least important factoring in the dozen of bacteria altered above.

You will see the new format of showing links to sources of each. I am attempting to match the search to the country that you are in. For example, if you are in Spain, a link may go to Amazon.es . Other links are to companies that ship world wide, for example: Swanson and CustomProbiotics. If there are NO country matches, then a country flag with a link to a source for that country will be shown. For example above: Bacullus subtilis (single strain) is available from Amazon.de in Germany and also Amazon.es in Spain.

Example: Finland has no Amazon but people in Finland may use Amazon.de. Only you can tell me where you shop, so email that to me at ken/at/lassesen.com and I will add that information.

Handling Multiple Drugs

If you go to any page listing modifiers, you will see checkboxes.

Check all of the items that apply

At the top of the page, there is a Compare Impacts button

This will take you to a page showing the impact of each item

Again, we have a button [Get Suggestions for reversing impact on Microbiome]. Click it and you will be taken to a suggestion page (with actually more options).