New Reports for Medical Professionals

As a result of some readers asking for a PDF that they could shared with their medical professional I have created two reports and deployed the first versions today. The readers requested these features:

  • Simplify the suggestions into shorter list without extra data like Priority.
  • Provide some of the literature used to generate the suggestions
  • Provide the bacteria being targeted.

The reports are based on the consensus reports (so you can build them as you like).

See this update: Updates on PDF Reports for Professionals

For the automatic emailing of the PDF, we run “Just Give Me Suggestions” — which executes 4 different algorithms (Mean +/- 2 Standard Deviation, Box-Whiskers, Kaltoft-Moltrup and top/bottom 5%ile) and to obtain a consensus report. From the consensus report, we pick those that are at least 50% of the highest value to take, and below 50% of the lowest value to avoid. We then sort the items alphabetically for the lists.

The suggestions are from Microbiome Prescription and may disagree with suggestions from the lab used. To see how we get suggestions (tracing back to source studies), see this video. You will need to ask the lab how they do theirs — in some cases, it is opinion from a dietician.

Links are on various pages, for example, changing Microbiome tab.

First Page is an introduction to what the report is

Second Page is the bacteria being targeted, group by taxonomy rank

Third page are suggestions to take. Where dosages from clinical studies are available, they are shown

The next page are things to avoid

The last page are a partial listing of citations explicitly used. The newest studies are listed first to pre-emptively answer the question about how old the data being used is.

This is in Beta Testing Mode

Open for suggestions and improvements. Remember this is targeted for the typical medical professional with limited knowledge and understanding of the microbiome.

3 thoughts on “New Reports for Medical Professionals

  1. Hi Ken,
    I hope you are well. I just thought i would let you know the below. Am i missing something?
    There seems to be some contradictions between the just give me suggestions page and this pdf report. For instance for me on my latest report i have a definitely take quercetin (2g) on the just give me suggestions page but in the report sent out that is suggested to reduce or eliminate. There are some other inconsistencies too.


    1. There is no magical correct solution (I wish there were).

      The list below were explicitly requested by a person supporting Long COVID people (i.e. Brain Fog). The icons are based on whether it was positive or negative without considering the priority of the suggestions.

      The PDF reports above consider all 2000+ substances and filter them to the highest priority modifiers. Many items will appear on one, but not the other. The intent was to produce the best but also short list as part of presentation engineering for MDs with their challenges.

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