Sun Genomics – D [0]

See this post for the criteria being used.

Accessibility: DNo Downloads
Significance: DJust averages
Reference:  DDiet styles could be selected
Actions: DGeneral information
Evidence: DReferences provided (2 in total)
Benevolence: DSells their own probiotics.
Contents of probiotics are not provided to customers.
Support:  D 
Promptness: DFour weeks is reported 
Metadata: DNothing
Overtime: DNot provided
Taxa Score: 4% – DOnly a few reported on
Taxa Scope 4%Only a few reported on

Example Report

Canned (incorrect) statements. There is no evidence that probiotics will impact all harmful microbes or all types of inflammation.
Bifidobacterium is NOT a strain (nor are the others cited)

Comparing the results with Jason Hawrelak

No indication if this is good or bad. Per Jason it is too high (as is the US Average)
Unclear on how you can have an average range! Per Jason under 10% is bad, they imply that as low as 1.4% is fine
Per Jason, it should be < 0.01%, Sun’s ranges implies that it is fine.
Jason advocates 10-15%.

Missing Taxa Genus Galore!

No Blautia, Eubacterium, Ruminococcus,Akkermansia, Methanobrevibacter


Just two 🙁

Bottom Line

They appear to sell a religious mantra “(THEIR) Probiotics is all you need”. No evidence of significant understanding of health issues, microbiome or the nature of correcting issues. A definite D (the lowest rating).