RAAS: User Agreement

By using this API, you agree not to capture the data to replicate our data compilations. You are free to use the citations and extract your own data from the studies we list. That is fair use. You are free to retain data returned for individual samples for the sample submitted. We do not store any data submitted for processing, that is your data. There are a few inconsequential “fingerprints” in the data to detect cloning and reverse engineering.

As a condition of use, errors and questionable data shall be reported to us, we will make a reasonable effort to correct the data.

As stated on the microbiome prescription site

“Reverse engineering, data scraping and spidering are strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted under 18 U.S.C. § 1030(e)(6) and other statutes. Licensing with an API is available.”

Terms and Conditions

Our goal is to keep licensing as simple as possible with the potential financial risk to any party being so low that legal action would be irrational. In the very unlikely event that such happens, the jurisdiction shall be Skagit County in the State of Washington.

Level of Service: We endeavor to provide a good level of service (defined as response time < 30 seconds per average call). We use 3rd party hosting services which can result in short service outages. The API was designed to scale when load requires it.

P.S. historically we have done successful legal action against an Israeli firm that violated our copyright in the past.

Consumer Beware

The information was assembled to build theoretical models of what may benefit a specific microbiome results. It is not medical advice and all information should be reviewed by a medical professional before being applied.

Information encoding has been done with “best efforts” and may contain errors and misinterpretations.

Data Analysis Services are also available

This means that you have data in a database that you wish processing done on. Some examples are:

  • Computation of Kaltoft-Moldrup ranges.
  • Determining estimates of associations between bacteria and symptoms or medical conditions

Researching recommendations against the literature for a condition (validations), etc.

The base rate is US$160/hr (applies to computer run time too — it may take 20 minutes to setup the import, analysis and export jobs — but the computer may run for 5 hours. The billing will be for 5hrs 20 min).

Other services can include system architecture, database schema design, REST Api, etc. UI design and interface implementation can be done far cheaper by others.