Desktop Application for Medical Professionals

In our development path is a desktop application that will likely be HIPAA compliant. This application will allow the import of a patient’s microbiome sample, allow selected symptoms or conditions to be specified, and define a list of acceptable microbiome modifiers to be specified.

All of this information will be on your local computer only. If you wish suggestions, the microbiome with other meta data be sent with a synthetic identifier and the suggestions returned. No patient identifiable information will be sent.

The ability to add custom rules is intended to be added.

Expected cost for the first users will likely be $1000/unit and after the 1st year, a 10% subscription fee. As the user base grows, subsequent providers will pay less and your subscription fee will drop. It is expected to be a negative income product for a few years (if I billed my hours at my going rate for software development).

This is at present “vaporware” although there are no technical issues with it’s implementation.

If you are interested, drop us a note.