Supplement Prescription Project

This is a logical extension of Microbiome Prescription into the impact of supplements on medical conditions, symptoms and lab results.

The intended results

What it is not

It is not intended to be a review — it lists what is reported from a reputable source without judgment.

Contraindications when dealing with multiple items

With this information in a database, we can ask for information on a combination of conditions. For example, a person with high CRP, salicylate sensitive, and brain fog would see a list and also that some substances will adversely impact some conditions.

The Journey to Get there

This project requires people-power, citizen power. The following are needed:

  • Lists of terms of what people will use for searching:
    • Conditions in scope: with ICD-10 code and alternative names, examples
      • K58.0 – Irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea
      • K58.1 – Irritable bowel syndrome with constipation
      • K58.2 – Mixed irritable bowel syndrome
      • K58.8 – Other irritable bowel syndrome
      • K58.9 – Irritable bowel syndrome without diarrhea
      • Note that some studies may be for irritable bowel syndrome without qualifications. Hence we may need to add some synthetic ones, i.e. K68 without decimals. Similarly, items without ICD codes at present, for example Long Covid may fall under G93.3 Postviral fatigue syndrome and should likely be a synthetic code like G93.3.1 or possibility under chronic fatigue syndrome NOS (R53.82)
    • Symptoms: This is not formalize by any agency.
      • Some, like constipation and diarrhea can be extracted from the ICD-10 titles
      • Items like “Long Covid” may fall under G93.3 Postviral fatigue syndrome and should likely be a synthetic code like G93.3.1
    • Supplements And Drugs – another area with no official source

For each of the above, we need an owner that controls the list. Example — one person may refer to a herb by it’s common American name, another by UK name, another by Latin Name and still another name in Chinese. We do not want to have 4 entries for the same thing.

Studies and Consequences

Restricted Source Sites

Data sources will be restricted to:

Coding of impact

Coding will use the following single characters

+Increases Measurement / Improves Condition
0No Change
Decreases Measurement / Worsen Condition
?No report on trial (implies No Change)

Further Links

Source and Data:

Email to express interest:

More coming over next month

Bottom Line

This is not a one person project. My involvement will likely be restricted to the database implementation and a REST API that participant may use. I expect some people will develop UI for non-programmers that wish to be reviewers.

I hope many people will come in and encode data for their special interest (in terms of diagnosis or symptoms.

There is a major win for everyone, instead of 100 people searching for information, one person searches. encodes and 99 people use.