Introduction to Citizen Science

I am a citizen scientist. This means that I do not earn my living from the science that I am researching. It does not mean that I lack scientific training, or not capable of being a professional scientist. I have a M.Sc., taught chemistry and physics at high school and college. I have made my living from statistics, programming, machine learning and artificial intelligence (but not in the microbiome discipline).

Selecting which test – factors

Transferring data from

Quick Suggestions and Core Supplements Walk Thru

Walk thru of IBS (as a representative condition) – the official science and the citizen science, with suggestions.

Finding foods that lack scientific studies that may help (via Flavonoid content)

Report from someone trying the Flavonoid approach with Post.

Special Suggestions for dealing with Surplus Lactic Acid

Understanding and seeing bacteria hierarchy

What causes my very high or very low bacteria?

Determining how bacteria influence each other

Seeing how your microbiome changes over time

Firmicutes/Bacteroidetes Ratio over time

Walk thru on getting to feature and a little discussion

The Importance Of Symptoms in Microbiome Analysis

A Walk thru Custom Suggestions

How we get our facts from PubMed.

How do we take these facts and construct recommendations

Transcribing your KEGG Functional Metabolism from Ubioms