Microbiome Reviews as Education Posts

I am not a medical professional and local laws prevent me from doing anything that gives the appearance of practicing medicine. I am willing to do PUBLIC POST for educational purposes on how to use the data on Microbiome Prescription. This is not a consult nor medical advice. It is material that you should discuss with your medical professional before starting any the Artificial Intelligence generated suggestions. I make no suggestions, an AI makes suggestions. The purpose of the post is share my understanding of the nature of the microbiome, issues in “reading it” and how to use the tool.


The following are Preconditions before I will consider doing a review

  • Email consenting to using your data in a public post
  • You must have a 16s microbiome sample uploaded to the sit
  • Your symptoms must be entered into the site
  • A backstory of medical conditions, symptoms, etc must be sent in an email

When these conditions are satisfied, you will be put on the backlog, first come first serve (usually).