I offer a variety of services depending on circumstances

No Medical Consultation to Individuals

I am not a licensed medical professional. The best analogy for me is a librarian that can direct you to material that may be suitable. I do not personally generate suggestions on my site. An artificial intelligence program generates the suggestions based on algorithms and millions of facts.

A fact means that it is reported to have been seen in some study. It does make it true. Often studies cannot be replicated.

Pro-Bono or Pay Services

For the sake of people health for those business where this is their primary intent, I will offer some services for free subject to conditions. For businesses, the criteria are simple:

  • No venture capital
  • No startup funding from an established business
  • Not launched or launched in the prior year.
    • Ideally, someone doing a “garage startup using their own money”

All others are subject to contract or invoice.

Transferring Data to Microbiome Prescription is Free

I hope to keep this free. Some microbiome testing firms have automated transfer by API, so their users just click and the data is transferred. The payoff for me is better data and larger sample.

Services Offered

I have been active in the health-microbiome space for a few years and brought to the table skills as a statistician, data science and lateral thinker. The following are general categories of services:

  • Consultation on additional data that a lab may wish to collect to make discoveries.
    • For example: Official Diagnosis, symptom lists, lab results
    • Too broad a scope may cause significant data to disappear in the noise
  • Analysis of data in your database for significance and associations
    • Your data have the advantage of being processed thru the same steps – thus more likely to find patterns
    • Deep data mining and machine learning (random forest etc) are not skills that the typical software developer has (or knows how to use wisely)
  • Blogging
    • Posts on data discoveries done above
    • Posts on studies from PubMed interpreted for the retail market.
      Note: I was a professional blogger/technical writer for Microsoft for a many years
      • I have access to an old editor that I have used and the quality will be much better than my “quick and dirty stream of consciousness” posts that I do on my sites.
  • Data Provider
    • A large amount of my data is publicly available and you could obtain it yourself — the citation database is over 3,000 articles (and we have reviewed with textual data analysis over 900,000 articles).
      • The cost of replicating the data is likely far more than the subscription for the desired component.
      • Data will be provided as JSON with a unique key so updates may occur of the data.
    • The algorithms etc are technically trade secrets and a software system, people wishing to attempt duplication should review Bowers v. Baystate Technologies, Inc. 320 F.3d 1317 (Fed. Cir. 2003).
  • Analysis Provider
    • A microbiome is transfer across (just NCBI Taxon Number and percentage) and we grind this sample thru and deliver a report in JSON format. The sample is not stored nor added to our database.
    • You may select, rephrase, etc the report to your customers.
  • Associate Product Manager / Board Member
    • Provide review of product proposals
    • Provide guidance on improving your product and offerings
  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer
    • Develop custom approaches for your company that will likely be unique. We will take discussions on how you want things to be done into actual code or pseudo-code (depending on your technical stack).
  • License an API to the microbiome prescription engines
    • The features of the site can be available as an API that you can use to drive a custom website that your own developers write.
      • Note: I was an API developer for Starbucks for many years and created APIs that required awesome performance and be able to handle massive volumes.
    • You can contract for additional features to be added that will be exclusive to you.

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