2023 Walk thru of Personal Microbiomes Suggestions

The two videos below are intended as quick introductions to the microbiome prescription site. The site is dynamic with continuous changes of data available and being used.

See also: A series of online meeting on using Microbiome Prescription [Sep 2023] update. Likely a better start point.

16s Samples

This covers sites that provides comprehensive reports on your microbiome. The better reports typically report on over 500 different bacteria from a sample.

Lab/ProcessorLowTypical CountHighSamples Uploaded
Statistics at the start of January 2023

Older Labs

These are older technology and often are focused on a small number of bacteria. Often the focus was based on what was deemed significant 10 or even 20 years ago.

Lab NameSamples
Viome (No objective measures) 5
All Taxonomies from tests 67
Medivere: Gesundsheitscheck Darm (16s Limited) 15
GI360 Stool (UK) 29
Medivere: Darn Magen Diagnostik (16s Limited) 15
All Bacteria [Family] Reported 25
Smart Gut (ubiome 16s – Limited Taxonomy) 2
GI EcologiX (Invivo) 19
GanzImmun Diagnostics AG Befundbericht 14
DayTwo 8
GanzImmun Diagnostic A6 (cfu/gm) 80
Nordic Laboratories 2
InVitaLab (cfu/gm) 3
Biovis Microbiome Plus (cfu/g) 18
Diagnostic Solution GI-Map (cfu/gm) 498
Metagenomics Stool (De Meirleir) (16s Limited) 4
Genova Parasitology (cfu/g) 4
Verisana (cfu/ml) aka (kbe/ml) 2
Medivere: Darm Mikrobiom Stuhltest (16s limited) 12
Genova Gi Effects (cfu/g) 116
Kyber Kompakt (cfu/g) 2
All Bacteria [Genus] Reported 188
Bioscreen (cfu/gm) 13
NutriPATH 12
Gut Zoomer (vibrant-wellness) 6

New Food Features

This feature was added because many of the suggestions were for flavonoids or other items that may or may not be available as supplements. Most people do not know what is in different foods, especially items you are wishing to avoid. The intent is to allow a more comprehensive and rich diet to be developed by users.

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