Report Targeted to MD in Multiple Languages

A common complaint that I have heard is a lack of knowledge about the microbiome by treating MDs. This issue is compounded by MDs allowing only 10-15 minutes appointments. Many of complaints are from EU Countries where their MD have limited mastery of English.

This reported is targeted for those MDs using the following strategy:

  • A short section of what should be substances should be tried to be reviewed by the MD.
    • Every item is linked to one or more studies where it was found helpful for some people (responders)
    • Every item is linked to the bacteria that it changes
  • A break down of all bacteria out of range according to studies on this condition, with links.
  • A detail cross reference on the bacteria that each substances. The goal is to encourage MDs to insure at least one substance is advocated for each bacteria
  • A long list of the studies cited. This list is intended to overwhelm the MD with evidence. One or two studies is easy to dismiss for many MDs. A long list is hard to dismiss psychologically..

How do I get this Report?

Assuming you have transfer or uploaded a sample to Microbiome Prescription, go to the [Changing Microbiome] tab. You will see your samples (and the active one). Below it is this section:

Pick the preferred language. Click the conditions you have. Click Get Report. If your condition is missing, see the bottom of this post for why and how you can change this.

How this Report is different

This uses a strictly “by the medical book” analysis and will likely generate some suggestions different from other reports on the site. This is required to be able to do cross references for every item.

Typical Knowledge Section

This is actually coming from ChatGPT and is a likely match to the MD’s “common sense”

Bacteria Being Targeted

This is next because we want to explain WHY we are making suggestions before presenting them.

Substances to Consider

This list may be long or short (depending on conditions). Many MDs will likely be happy with most of these suggestions. For those that they are unsure about, we have a link to studies that may persuade them over time.

Substance Impact on Bacteria

This is intended for MD education. It illustrates that the microbiome can be manipulated and there are lots of studies.

Additional Suggestions

This is intended to be a carrot for the MD to learn more.


This speaks for itself, and that the suggestions are well researched.

Why is your Condition not listed?

The simple reason is that someone has to diligently go through the literature to assemble all of the information by hand. Often a report will have more than 600 citations – that’s a lot of work. For Autism, some parents did the work and this we have a report for autism. If you are interested in doing this research for your missed condition(s) see Help Needed to Improve Suggestions for Autism. for the steps needed.

Just Identifying the Bacteria for more conditions….

Bottom Line

This report was engineered by trying to walk in the mind frame and world of the MD. Speak to him in his preferred language and way of thinking.