Enhancement: Amount of Biofilm Bacteria

A reader in Europe asked about this. I know it is a popular topic. So, I searched PubMed for the known biofilm forming bacteria and will be adding percentile ranking by labs in the coming days.

Raw Count Chart

As you can see below — a lot of people have ZERO of these bacteria. Other people may have 25% of their microbiome containing them. IMHO, influencers have seized on this concept as a “boogey man” for every one; it is not.

Transforming the data to get a Kaltoft-Moldrup estimator of the point of concern, we get a count of 565/million or 0.0565% being the threshold that action is strongly suggested. That is, with 85% of samples, it does not appear to be a significant issue. For 15%, it is

Stay tune. It will be added to the health analysis page with suggestions annotated with possible biofilm breakers for people exceeding 80%ile.