Preventing Antibiotics Diarrhea

I just got out of the hospital for cellulitis where I was treated with IV antibiotics. My discharges notes said “take antibiotics to prevent diarrhea”. I asked which ones… blank faces. No one seem to have a concrete idea. So this is a review of the literature:

If you find any other studies that is explicit on the probiotic strains used with good results, please email me at Ken/at\

To help find which probiotics contain the above see this page.

2 thoughts on “Preventing Antibiotics Diarrhea

  1. If diarrhea occurs while on fluoroquinolone prophylaxis, the only remaining option is AZM. Additionally, fluoroquinolone prophylaxis, and antibiotic use in general, may have unintended consequences such as selection for antibiotic resistant gut flora 9 , 56 or disruption of the gut microbiome that could lead to colonization with pathogenic bacteria such as Clostridium difficile. 57 However, there are two problems with rifaximin prophylaxis.

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