Fungi: Exophiala / Herpotrichiellaceae / Chaetothyriales

Fungi and the microbiome finally got on my radar. Apologies to some, but there is a lot of different items on the microbiome radar screen.

“Small intestinal fungal overgrowth (SIFO)… Two recent studies showed that 26 % (24/94) and 25.3 % (38/150) of a series of patients with unexplained GI symptoms had SIFO. …. but evidence for eradication is lacking.”Small intestinal fungal overgrowth [2015]

As I did with taxa years ago, I will be writing a blog on each one reviewing the literature. If there is sufficient data at the end, I may add it as a feature to Microbiome Prescription.

One of my reader’s results motivated this choice. The data from a Thorne Microbiome Test. Almost 9 out of 10 people have less of it. The person also has a Crohn’s diagnosis.

Preventive for Fungi

The following are suggestions:

  • Reduce and keep your living space humidity at 50% or lower (typically done by dehumidifiers). EPA recommends 30-50% [EPA]; we set our dehumidifiers for 35%.

Moisture parameters and fungal communities associated with gypsum drywall in buildings [2015]

Remember, all fungi are not the same. Antibacterial and Antifungal Activities of Spices [2017] does not mention this fungi. Additionally, some spices are known to have Fungal Contamination of some Common Spices [2022] and Fungi and aflatoxins associated with spices in the Sultanate of Oman [2002] which included cloves (often deem an antifungal).

Basic Information

Image from [Mycology]

It is sometime identified as  black yeast fungus.


Cleaning Dishwashers etc

The conventional advice is to use vinegar,baking soda or bleach. Studies indicate that it tolerates a very wide variety of pH (Roles of the pH signaling transcription factor PacC in Wangiella (Exophialadermatitidis [2009] ), i.e. pH 2.5 to pH 8 with most effective to inhibit being pH 2.5 (where Vinegar is). Bleach is pH 11-13, so likely also effective.

Since this often is black in appearance, sinks and other places should be regularly checked for any black discoloring which could indicate mold..

Bottom Line

This attempts to summarize the current information on Exophiala.