Spanish ME/CFS with Fibromyalgia

Back Story

In 1994, after two years of a high stress job managing and motivating direct sales groups in my own sales company I quit and I spent 6 months very fatigued, without moving my body very much and staring at the void sitting on my sofa. I could barely lift a glass of water. After the six months I regained strength and I commenced in a new job. Doctor said I had the yuppie flu, gave some vitamins and tests showed I had had epstein-barr viruses.

In 2008 I recall being very fatigued again. And again 6 months secluded at home sleeping 14 hours a day (I have no family in Spain). I could work but I was uneasy and the job was stressful at times,. In 2009 I started to undergo tests in a private clinic, cause the public hospital who was cutting edge at CFS has a a waiting list of years. I wanted to know what I had. Blood samples, screening, mutaflor, some other immune system boosters, etc. Diagnosis 2010: CFS (not Fibromyalgia yet). I started also to attend to conferences and read a lot about my illness (which I don’t do anymore).

In 2016, after years working with fatigue and pain I decided I couldn’t stand it anymore and thought I should care about myself so I went on sick leave for one year. Afterwards I solicited voluntarily leave of absence.

CFS/EM slowly shifted more to Fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed in one of the best public Hospitals in Barcelona (the renowned Hospital Clínic). They gave me advice on doing exercise, not much more.

Now I say I have moderate EM and moderate to severe Fibromyalgia. Depends on the day. I stay at home mainly. IBS, Psoriasis, Costocondritis sometimes, eye problems, dizziness. muscular problems and stiffness, etc. I am going to a Quiropractic for many years. With an electric bike I can do some miles.

I see there are a lot of supplements in Biomesight, It would be highly appreciated if you could give some insight of my Biomesight results and how to get started changing my gut’s microbiome (food, supplements, etc).

Clarity on Suggestions from Biomesight

I do not know how Biomesight derive their suggested supplements. Many microbiome providers use nutritionists who often suggest generic “healthy” supplements. In other cases, they have found a study for a supplement that impacts one bacteria and if you are high or low for that bacteria, suggest that (ignoring what that same supplement will do to other bacteria!). I would love to see a detailed blog from Biomesight on how they determine appropriate supplements to suggest.

Microbiome Prescription uses almost 1.9 million facts(i.e. X substance modify Y bacteria) and then consider all interactions that a supplement has on all bacteria of concern.


First, we will look for a common fingerprint for ME/CFS and Long COVID: Over representation of bacteria in the 0-9%ile. We have a very strong match shown below. The numbers in each range should be about the same number for a healthy microbiome.

Looking at Dr. Jason Hawrelak Recommendations we find it at 75.3%ile, indicating issues with the following being most concerning:

  • Bacteroides at double his high limit
  • Faecalibacterium prausnitzii well below his low limit. This bacteria is deemed anti-inflammatory [2008] and thus a contributor

The Potential Medical Conditions Detected using the US Library of Medicine studies show what you reported and a few other items of concern (Asthma, Colorectal Cancer [possible false positive], etc)

  • Fibromyalgia 96%ile
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 96%ile
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease 94%ile
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (Gerd) including Barrett’s esophagus – 97%ile

Going Forward

First a quick video on the process

I did the “Just give me suggestions” followed by individual sets of suggestions for the four above item resulting in 8 sets of suggestions done with different criteria to select critical bacteria (See video). We then use consensus to identify the items most likely to help. This is a way to improve results in the face of many unknowns.

There are a lot more items, but the above should be a good start. Now the items to reduce or cut (if taking):

Postscript – and Reminder

I am not a licensed medical professional and there are strict laws where I live about “appearing to practice medicine”.  I am safe when it is “academic models” and I keep to the language of science, especially statistics. I am not safe when the explanations have possible overtones of advising a patient instead of presenting data to be evaluated by a medical professional before implementing.

I cannot tell people what they should take or not take. I can inform people items that have better odds of improving their microbiome as a results on numeric calculations. I am a trained experienced statistician with appropriate degrees and professional memberships. All suggestions should be reviewed by your medical professional before starting.

The answers above describe my logic and thinking and is not intended to give advice to this person or any one. Always review with your knowledgeable medical professional.

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