What is the difference between “Just Give Me Suggestions” and “Cross Validated” Suggestions

Where are the buttons to generate these?

  • Just Give Me Suggestions
  • Cross Validated Suggestions

Key Differences

DescriptionJust Give MeCross Validated
Bacteria ConsideredAll bacteriaOnly bacteria associated with condition from Pub Med Studies
SuggestionsAll ModifiersOnly modifiers reported to help at least one of the conditions from Pub Med Studies
PriorityWeight givenNo ranking, all are both agree without ranking
Target AudienceMicrobiome educated Medical typesConservative Medical Type that are not familiar with the microbiome and recent research.
Condition CitationsNo condition citations includedMost available condition citations for bacteria shift and suggestions are listed on one page with hyperlinks.
All are available by individual links.Only a token number of citations on how suggestions modify bacteria (why? full list can be massive)
AlgorithmMonte Carlo Model with multiple algorithmsSingle Algorithm using above 85%ile and below 15%ile as bacteria selection criteria
GoalBest suggestions based on the art of the microbiome Educating and getting buy-in with conventional MDs
Special GoalsFocus on the holistic microbiome independent of specific diagnosisHelp MD pick the best for the microbiome choice from possible pro-forma treatments.

A possible example: the MD wants to prescribe an antibiotics for a condition. Usually, there are a half dozen possible choices. Ideally, the MD will be willing to go with the one that is best for the microbiome when shown the evidence from the computations.

Which is best?

The Cross-Validated has a limited list because it is very time consuming to populate the data needed for it. For items like biofilm, d-lactic acid and histamine — it is likely the best choice but the suggestions should be checked with the “Just give me suggestions” and the final suggestions should be only ones that both agree with — subject to review by your medical professional.