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I have been in dialog with a microbiome testing firm on incorporating my suggestions engine into their site. One of their requests was to provide more information on foods. Of course, if there are no studies than how can you make suggestions?

It is possible to model likely impact of foods by looking at what is in them. That information is available from:

So the process using existing pubmed studies to identify the constituents of the food that impacts certain bacteria and then aggregate these constituents to get a modelled benefit from the food.

The results are two tables (depending on which decomposition approach is used).

This is on the Changes Tab

This lists only things that are entirely one way or the other.

Appears to Cross Validate

I did some of the other suggestions methods, built a consensus report and then looked for Almonds on the same sample and found agreement. Same with Barley, Basil, and Buckwheat. Some suggestions from the second list have disagreements (not unexpected).

I would suggest that that you see how it works for your samples between these two approaches.

For your amusement, the second list is LONG (typically 800+ items) and for those that drink wine, may be amusing to scan..

Other Labs

This has been added to the define suggestions page. Both buttons open the suggestions in new windows so it is easy to switch back and forth.

If you have already uploaded a sample, a link has been added there.

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