Son and Daughter with Autism Analysis

The parents provided rich information:

  • OmbreLab results
  • OmbreLab results processed thru BiomeSight (preferred because of Special Studies)
  • OATS

Both children are in the same household, so diet will be similar.

The Son

 Our son is 14 and weighs 90 pounds and is Autistic.  It’s amazing that he sleeps well (10 hours) although the minute he gets up he is not stop moving, spinning, stimming, etc.  He can be redirected and can follow directions and can slowly progress is school although if we could calm him down I think he could learn a ton.  He understands everything we say and can ask for things if he slows down although he is not conversation.  Every 6-8 weeks he seems to have face flair (although hasn’t been that bad the last 6-10 months although we don’t know if it’s yeast, bacteria, etc.  Once he has it his OCD kicks in and he can’t stop putting lotions and creams on it.  He’s a skinny kid with not much muscle although can ride a bike, run a mile or two, etc.  

The Daughter

Our daughter is almost 16 and is not verbal although uses a device.  She has the autism diagnosis as well although also has a genetic mutation of the WDR45 gene (BPAN) which can create iron accumulation in the brain.  We spend a lot of time with supplements, organic nutrition, gluten free, time on the treadmill and sauna and more to make sure her body is detoxing the best it can.  She understands everything you say just can’t speak back.  Where my son is not stop she would cuddle all day and be 100% content.  She also  has fine and gross motor delays and in general is just cautious in her physical movement.  We’ve treated for SIBO several times, etc. although we’ve obviously never solved the problem.  She isn’t necessarily constipated although 95% of the time needs assistance with a small suppository for her to go the bathroom.  The stool is always there it’s just like she doesn’t have the urge to release it. 

High Level Comparisons

Below are summaries of the two children for comparison

Biomesight Gut Wellness77.3785.89
Potential Medical Conditions Detectednonea few fuzzy issues
Bacteria deemed Unhealthy77
Dr. Jason Hawrelak Recommendations98.8 %ile99.7 %ile
KEGG Enzymes – Low LevelsOver reported (18.5)Over reported (158)
Percentile RepresentationHigh in rare bacteriaHigh in rare bacteria
Special Studies: Autism49 matches63 matches
Special Studies: Constipation28 matches19 matches
Probable SymptomsNothing
High Anxiety

Comments on the above

Going thru the above, we see little difference between the two on may ways to evaluate the microbiome. However, there were a few where we see a great contrast:

  • Enzymes at both extremes are very much higher for the son (4x higher at both top and bottom 1%iles)
  • Bacteria under 1%ile is much higher with the son
  • Box-Whisker and Kaltoft-Moldrup are much higher with the daughter
  • Having profiles matching predicted symptoms, son only has significant matches

Daughter Action Plan

For the daughter, build up a consensus report from:

  • Special Studies Autism (49 all low)
  • Special Studies Constipation (28 all low)
  • PubMed Autism (6)
  • Box-Whisker (all were high)
  • Kaltoft-Moldrup (17 low, 72 high)

Obtain Probiotics from:

  • OATS
  • From KEGG Computation
  • From Consensus

Son Action Plan

For the son, build up a consensus report from:

  • Special Studies Autism (49 all low)
  • Special Studies Anxiety (30 all low)
  • Special Studies Depression (39 all low)
  • Special Studies ME/CFS with IBS (49 all low)
  • PubMed Autism (6)
  • Box-Whisker (5 too low, 44 too high)
  • Kaltoft-Moldrup (36 low, 39 high)

Obtain Probiotics from:

  • OATS
  • From KEGG Computation
  • From Consensus

This looks like a lot of work!

Actually, it’s not — I have done a video doing the son to illustrate the steps better.

Son Consensus

My person picks from the list are below. I was not overly happy with the To Take suggestions.

Looking at the avoid items, I would be inclined to try shifting these items out of his diet (if it is in it)

Son Probiotics

See video for details, the key items that occured at the

Daughter Consensus

Some of the items may please the daughter.

On the avoid side, we see also:

Daughter Probiotics

The consensus probiotics were much different than her brother

Daughter’s Consensus Probiotics
Son’s Consensus Probiotics

Looking at the OATS results, we see Bifidobacterium dominating it. This is not a surprise because Human milk oligosaccharides usually shows up when Bifidobacterium needs good encouragement. Please note: the list below did not use any microbiome data — just the OATS results.

The revised KEGG Probiotic had two items that tend to be frequent:

If there are any Lactobacillus probiotics being taken, I would eliminate them.

Bottom Line

Everything in this post is created by modelling data and nothing has been validated clinically. The advantage with modelling is that it is usually better than than a MD tossing an idea out in frustration.

All suggestions should be reviewed by a qualified medical professional before starting.