Brain Fog: Microbiome scents…

At present in our citizen science database we have samples reporting brain fog for:

  • Biomesight: 124 samples
  • Ombre/Thryve: 151 samples
  • UBiome/Thryve: 170 samples

Results from different labs cannot be safely aggregated, so we will investigate on a lab by lab basis. One lab will read data as bacteria A and a different lab as bacteria B.

For very different and strong results using the same process see: Long COVID: microbiome scents – we smell a skunk!

Taxon Patterns

By bacteria found nothing common across labs.

Hespellia High
Only Genus were inspected that were frequently seen

End Product Patterns

Ubiome was nothing significant. As above, nothing was in common between the labs. End Products have been weak to predict in prior analysis.

End ProductuBiomeOmbreBiome Sight
Bacteriocin: (several)Less
Gamma-Amino butyric acid (GABA)Less
Pyruvic acidLess

KEGG Enzyme Patterns

ubiome gave 280 candidates, biomesight just 2, ombre had 40 candidates. There was nothing in common.

(1->4)-alpha-D-galacturonan lyaseHigh
15-cis-phytoene:acceptor oxidoreductase (lycopene-forming)High
nitrous oxide:ferricytochrome-c oxidoreductaseHigh
CDP-choline phosphohydrolaseHigh

KEGG Product

Biomesight returned nothing, Ombre just 7 candidates and ubiome 23. There was nothing in common.

KEGG Substrate

Biomesight returned 2 candidates, Ombre returned 42 candidates and ubiome 86. There were a few things in common between Ombre and uBiome. False Detection rate is a risk.

Bottom Line

I am disappointed in not finding many associations. I will pass the torch to others to see if there is literature connecting these to coagulation or vascular constriction/dilatation .

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