Update: A Statistically Valid Gut Index

I am by training a mathematician, a statistician and operations researcher. For years, I have seen different indices proposed and “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn“. I deem them to be the equivalent of Passing with the Wind. Apologies for the pun.

The problem is that they are using the art of clinical or research experience and NOT the science of mathematics.

Over this last weekend I revisited with more rigor my “percentages of percentiles” approach and found that I could create a An Eubiosis Index for the Microbiome without using Art, just mathematics. Eubiosis means the opposite of dysbiosis.

When you go to my profile, you will see your index and a revised chart below.

Below the chart, you can click to see the numbers. In case, we see that high percentile dominates.

That’s all folks

If you want technical details see An Eubiosis Index for the Microbiome. The computation is simple and other sites are free to use it with appropriate acknowledgement..

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