Pending Feature: Synthetic Impact

A reader asked me what is the impact on the microbiome of prunes. My response was simple — I know of no studies reporting the impact on the microbiome. Having a study is first class evidence.

I then pointed out to him that I have prunes on my web site under Foods with Flavonids,

With several listed

Clicking on it shows the contents, data is coming from these open sources:

I suggested that he looks up the main items that have studies and estimate.

Over the weekend, I reflected and realized that it would be more friendly for me to do this mathematically using some simplifying assumptions (i.e. the impact is linearly related to the component for all bacteria). The result is now added to the existing list of modifiers

These are second, perhaps even third class suggestions. We are running off inference.

You can get suggestions using these by selecting this


I am refreshing source data from US Dept of Agriculture and the EU equivalent and then need to redo the mapping of the components to appropriate proxies. This is not expected to be done before 2023. Feel free to play around with it — but the results are suspect until the data is updated and re-mapped.

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