Special Studies: Bloating

This is a common symptom for people that have uploaded. This is reported often in samples, and thus being examined if it reaches our threshold for inclusion as defined in A new specialized selection of suggestions links (A summary table of various studies has been added there).

Study Populations:

  • Bacteria Detected with z-score > 2.6: found 120 items, highest value was 5.4
  • Enzymes Detected with z-score > 2.6: found 298 items, highest value was 5.4
  • Compound Detected with z-score > 2.6: found ZERO items

The highest z-scores above are less than other symptoms with smaller study sizes. The likely cause is a more diverse study population

Interesting Significant Bacteria

All bacteria found significant had too low levels.

The dominant bacteria group seems to be Bifidobacterium, low Bifidobacterium . The latter we know little about. I should point out that these bacteria may not be the cause, rather they may be ‘the canaries in the coal mine’ of the microbiome. These studies’ methodology determines association and not causality.

BacteriaReference MeanStudyZ-Score
Bifidobacterium cuniculi (species)82285.4
Bifidobacterium catenulatum subsp. kashiwanohense (subspecies)320865.4
Bifidobacterium kashiwanohense PV20-2 (strain)316865.3
Veillonella (genus)405421965
Bifidobacterium asteroides (species)58265
Haemophilus parahaemolyticus (species)68224.9
Lactiplantibacillus pentosus (species)120274.9
Bifidobacterium animalis (species)12211604.7
Bifidobacterium gallicum (species)378511114.7

Interesting Enzymes

All enzymes found significant had too low levels.

I will leave it to the reader to go to Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes to learn about these enzymes (a steep learning curve).

EnzymeReference MeanStudy
D-glucose-6-phosphate:NAD+ 1-oxidoreductase (
2-acetylphloroglucinol C-acetyltransferase (
ornithine lipid,2-oxoglutarate:oxygen oxidoreductase (ester-linked acyl 2-hydroxylase) (
L-tyrosine:D-ribulose-5-phosphate lyase (isonitrile-forming) (
ATP:L-threonine O3-phosphotransferase (
L-pipecolate/L-proline:NADP+ 2-oxidoreductase (

Bottom Line

The absence of Bifidobacterium is echo in several studies

REMEMBER: With your appropriate 16s sample, Dr. Artificial Intelligence on Microbiome Prescription will detail out foods, supplements et cetra to take (and to AVOID). If you do not have a sample, then review Bifidobacterium Summary Page.

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