Comparing 4 ME/CFS Samples with New Tool

A reader pinged me about new results so I thought it would be good to look at his series of 4 samples from Ombre/Thryve to help people interpret their own results. I am using the tool described in Comparing Samples – Update.

  • As you can see, the bacteria count do bounce around, with the change from the last sample being a definite improvement
  • There is a ongoing shift towards overproduction of Enzymes, but this does not cascade into increased compound (Produced – Consumed)
  • Several of the External Criteria measures showed improvement (2 less) and less showed more (1 more)

The reader has prior reviews:

Lab Read Quality4.
Bacteria Reported By Lab515669593473
Bacteria Over 99%ile0101
Bacteria Over 95%ile422219
Bacteria Over 90%ile22404821
Bacteria Under 10%ile431122387
Bacteria Under 5%ile1860546
Bacteria Under 1%ile0902
Lab: Thryve NULL
Rarely Seen 1%32090
Rarely Seen 5%1167389
Outside Range from JasonH7799
Outside Range from Medivere17172020
Outside Range from Metagenomics8877
Outside Range from MyBioma881010
Outside Range from Nirvana/CosmosId23232222
Outside Range from XenoGene881010
Outside Lab Range (+/- 1.96SD)2762
Outside Box-Plot-Whiskers42717225
Outside Kaltoft-Moldrup11314814391
Condition Est. Over 99%ile0000
Condition Est. Over 95%ile0000
Condition Est. Over 90%ile0010
Enzymes Over 99%ile9148535
Enzymes Over 95%ile599305182147
Enzymes Over 90%ile719629438458
Enzymes Under 10%ile707138169
Enzymes Under 5%ile1928478
Enzymes Under 1%ile2000
Compounds Over 99%ile69314319
Compounds Over 95%ile18627719089
Compounds Over 90%ile303435220118
Compounds Under 10%ile321528333133
Compounds Under 5%ile195378310100
Compounds Under 1%ile011826742

Bottom Line

The microbiome is a dynamic system and as shown in the image below, it is not a simple straight path. There is no single measure that indicate the current status of the gut, rather a variety of measures.

The latest sample showed (compare to prior):

  • Drop in compound extremes
  • Increase in high Enzyme production — this may hint at the body stocking up on supplies for an attack of troublesome bacteria
  • A drop of bacteria out of range by both external criteria and Microbiome Prescription Criteria.

Reader’s Comments

This round I restarted the b.lactis by custom probiotics. I did it last test and took a month break and it came up again. 1st round doing it , the herx was kicking my butt and I lasted 10 days. This time around , only did 1 scoop at night and I was still herxing and sleeping 8 hours hard. After day 10 I did half dose mornings and half at mid day or night. Much better tolerance and body seems to respond well. Calmer, better sleep, allergies seem better. 

Now also taking rice bran, blue berries, Lactoferrin for iron, and a lot of the other high priority items. I try playing basketball 1 time a week to check my progress. I have plenty of energy to play, but if I play too hard I crash still exactly 5 hours later (impaired sleep, brain fog, fatigue , headache, inflamed stomach lasting exactly 24 hours) . Then back to normal the same day. Tried the symptom /handpick bacteria tool and focused on picking PEM/brain fog/sleep with associations.  The top modifier for that was glycemic (licorice root tincture). Added that to the mix this week. Still crash, but notice some weight loss and less belly inflammation after I play. Overall improvement in sleep and anxiety. I am still a work in progress and could be better, but seeing improvement. My post exertion crashes are the thorn in my side I haven’t been able to dent much, no clue why I crash exactly 5 hours after every time but can play and feel find right after. Couple more days of b lactis and I switch to my next probiotic L.gasseri. Then will test again in about 2 weeks!

Mystery of Crash after 5 hours lasting exactly 24 hours

I have a few suggestions to try — looking at possible mechanisms..

The goal is to see if any alters the onset at 5 hrs, thus a “tell” for possible causality.

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