Display Levels

Based on requests from users, we have implemented display layers to reduce the problem of information saturation reported by some users.

The following levels control what you see on menus and what is hidden

  1. Public— Least items, just the bare essentials
  2. Beginner— More items, you must be logged in to see these items
  3. Intermediate— More choices, you must be logged in to see these items and be a premium member
  4. Advance— Almost all choices. Logged in and be a professional member
  5. Nerd— All choices, Logged in as a professional and requested access to research items to see these items and be a professional member. Often these items require an advance understanding of the microbiome processes and behaviors

AFTER logging in to Microbiome Prescription, you will see a select box to set your display level. Red items indicate level is not available for your login level. See this page for more information about login level. And this page on why you may wish to donate.

Example of choices with Public
Example after logging in
Shown without a login
After Login with a high display level
Bacteria Information with public display level
Example of Bacteria Detail Page with high display level

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