Release Notes

For people amusement, while reviewing new studies on PubMed, I got a pleasant surprise! My citizen science project (MicrobiomePrescription) is referenced in BMC Bioinformatics article published June 3 2021. Adding to my prior mentions in New Scientist and The Lancet. “Dysbiosis of the gut microbiome is a risk factor for osteoarthritis in older female adults: a case control study

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Currently the online database consists of 50 million rows of data.
  • March 20, fixed bug entering symptoms when symptoms were entered for a prior sample.
  • March 19, Automatic removal of specific probiotic species suggested when the sample has a percentile over 70%ile.
  • March 4, Cleaned Citations removing duplicate facts, restructured to prevent future duplications
  • March 2, Add Food button to Bacteria Look Up
  • Feb 19, Added new filter buttons to Modifier Page.
  • June 15th: Refactor percentiles to be lab specific for all items
  • May 17th: Released revised UI
    • Revisions are still ongoing, but sufficiently stable
  • May 12th: Updated Long COVID publications and Bacteria
  • April 23, Release Probiotics suggestions based on symptom aggregation and enzymes for each sample which has enzymes. Often this reduces the enzymes to increase by 75% and should be superior to the generic probiotics suggestions released below.
Where the new page is – this uses the symptoms entered with the sample’s enzymes computations
  • April 22, Added Probiotics for Symptoms based on KEGG Enzymes (not sample specific – generic), see this post
  • Apr 4-21 Implemented Categoric Logistic Regression to Symptoms for:
    • Bacteria (Taxonomy)
    • Compounds estimated from KEGG
    • Enzymes estimated from KEGG
The page show the odds for increasing or decreasing by over 1690 different significant factors
  • April 3, Refactor KEGG Probiotic Suggestions, see post.
  • April 2, Added/Update Bacteria Healthy ranges on per bacteria basis. The computed ranges are linked to pages explaining the method
Example from
  • April 1, Implement periodic update from NCBI on new bacteria (on 21st of each month). Today, there was 2,419,768 different bacteria classified and assigned NCBI numbers
  • Mar 27,investigate odd Kaltoft-Moldrup ranges. Discovered typo in formula, running tests and recalculations.
  • Mar 26, Change all distribution charts to real time (Taxon broke for a short while — now fixed)
  • Mar 25, added MicrobiomePrescription : KEGG NET Compounds Produced by aor / probiotic-3
  • Mar 18, added MicrobiomePrescription : Using OATS test to pick probiotics
  • Mar 20, revised the Components Menu.
  • Mar 16, Comparing Probiotics using KEGG Data
  • Mar 12, Some Downloads Available in “Nerd” mode
  • Mar 8, What Probiotics Produced and Consumed (with amount)
  • Feb 12, implemented Display Levels to allow people to better handle information overload.
  • February — rework the KEGG data to estimate species from existing strain information
  • Jan 19, Added links to Bacteria Details from Researched Probiotics Page
  • Jan 17, added Kegg Detail pages (for bacteria in KEGG)
  • Jan 15, Fixed bacteria selection bug on GMRepro page
  • January – onwards. Move periodic updates to a dedicated machine (16 GB memory, SSD Drive, 8 processors) and proceeding to replace old adhoc code with consistent new code. as well as improve performance. (The first complete update run of the old code was over 72 hrs, this has been greatly reduced). Work is still ongoing (mainly catching issues)