Which bacteria produces ….

A frequent question is shown below

The process is simple, but partially hidden.

First login and then change display to Advance

A new menu will appear

Click Compounds x ( Producers, Consumers). After a little time the page will appear with search option. There are 18,000 items listed.

Type the item that you are interest into the search field.

In many cases, this may lead to you needing to read more. Common speech names may not match with the scientific name. In this case we have three forms of lactic acids. the (R)-Lactate is the form that the body has trouble clearing and is associated with neurological issues. There can be some effort required to get up to a reasonable understanding.

What do Zero Mean?

Some chemicals will show 0 0 – this means that it is nether produced nor consumed by bacteria in the microbiome. These may be manufactured or consumed by the body’s cell or obtained from food.

Clicking the Red or Green buttons will down load a PDF which lists the bacteria

Followed by Take and Avoid lists

REMEMBER: These are all computed from calculation and not verified by clinical studies.

The numbers takes you to a list

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