Using Response to Refine Bacteria of Concern

A reader wrote

Another thing I’ve noticed that helps, perhaps 10% of what Amoxicillin helps, is Lauricidin (Monolaurin). I was able to get some sleep last night because I decided to try it.

Monolaurin was not on the top of his recommendations list. It has mixed impact. So the question arises, can we use this response to better identify the bacteria connected with this change of symptoms.

Monolaurin does not come in high, actually low.

Clicking under PubMed we see the bacteria impacted (for better or worse). We have a list (118 in this case). I just added Happy and Sad emoji to clarify if it is a good 😁 or bad 😢 shift

This can still be a long list.

Going over to Citizen Science Special Studies and filtering to sleep issues we find some there – which hints that these may be the key bacteria.

Bottom Line

This is a slow process — for this person, we got clarification quickly.