Possible Bacteria Connected to Salicylate Sensitivity

We have a small number of samples annotated with this condition. From this our candidate bacteria are shown below. Almost all of the significant ones are excess counts.

Hathewaya histolyticaspeciesToo many
Sedimentibacter hydroxybenzoicusspeciesToo many
Peptococcus nigerspeciesToo many
AlcaligenaceaefamilyToo many
Blautia coccoidesspeciesToo many
Caloramator fervidusspeciesToo many
SedimentibactergenusToo many
CatonellagenusToo many
Blautia productaspeciesToo many
Coprobacillus cateniformisspeciesToo many
Blautia gluceraseaspeciesToo many
Catonella morbispeciesToo many
MediterraneibactergenusToo many
Bacillales Family X. Incertae SedisfamilyToo many
CoprobacillusgenusToo many
OscillospiragenusToo many
CollinsellagenusToo few
AcetobacteriumgenusToo many
Blautia hanseniispeciesToo many
PedobactergenusToo many
Faecalibacterium prausnitziispeciesToo few
FaecalibacteriumgenusToo few
MycoplasmataceaefamilyToo many
Johnsonella ignavaspeciesToo many
Bacteroides cellulosilyticusspeciesToo many
MycoplasmatalesorderToo many
JohnsonellagenusToo many
AnaerofilumgenusToo many
XanthomonadalesorderToo many
ChromatialesorderToo many
RuminococcusgenusToo many
PeptococcusgenusToo many
Tissierellia incertae sedisnorankToo many
Anaerotruncus colihominisspeciesToo many
HathewayagenusToo many
Blautia schinkiispeciesToo many