New Feature to hunt cause of symptoms

Over the last week I have been working on Exploration: Salicylate Sensitivity And the Microbiome with some success. I rolled one analysis feature into a new page that may give scents as to causes.

The basis is that we look for bacteria that are seen more or less often than expected. Bacteria distribution is not a bell curve/normal distribution which makes the use of averages very suspect. Checking against frequency side-steps this answer.

Direct Link: MicrobiomePrescription : Abnormal Frequency of Bacteria for Symptoms

You can select the lab source and up to two symptoms.

There may be no data (if there is not sufficient data) for some single symptoms or symptom combinations.

Why are the Bacteria Names Different?

This is because there are no standardization of reading 16s Data Files (FastQ). See The taxonomy nightmare before Christmas…

Explore and share any interesting discoveries….

You can even see some shifts with age!

If there is sufficient data to hazard suggestions a red button will appear at the bottom:

This report indicate the experimental nature of the report and the lack of data on many bacteria.

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