Thorne Suggestions Analysis – INCOMPLETE / FAILED

This is part 2C of Comparing Microbiomes from Three Different Providers – Part 1. I decided to do each lab separately and then do an overview at the end. See also


It is very simple, look at their suggestions, look at any references they provided. Then look at Microbiome Prescription evidence trail for the same substances.


The number of suggestions were very few. They are listed below. None of the suggestions had links to studies supporting them.

  • Follow a ketogenic or low-carbohydrate diet
  • Avoid eating habits that interfere with sleep
  • Product Recommendations
    • Dipan-9®: Pancreatin
    • Effusio® Prebiotic+
      • Blueberry
      • Green Tea
      • Pomegranate
      • Xylitol
      • Stevia
    • FloraMend Prime Probiotic® 
      • L. Gasseri KS-13
      • B. Longum MM-2
      • B. Bifidum G9-1
    • Undecylenic Acid – 10-Undecenoic Acid
  • Vitamins were:
    • Red: Vitamin B3, B12
    • Orange: Vitamin B6,B9
  • All probiotics were GREEN.

There was no scientific literature links provided to support these choices.

How do suggestions compare?

Analysis against Microbiome Prescription using the data they reported.

  • Vitamin B3: take 3, avoid 1
  • Vitamin B6: take 3, avoid 1
  • Vitamin B9: take 3, avoid 1
  • Vitamin B12, take 3, avoid 1
  • L. Gasseri: take 1, avoid 3
  • B. Longum: take 0, avoid 3
  • B. Bifidum: take 0, avoid 4
  • Blueberry: take 3, avoid 1
  • Green Tea: take 2, avoid 2
  • Pomegranate: take 1, avoid 3
  • Xylitol: take 2, avoid 1
  • Stevia: take 0, avoid 4
  • Pancreatin: take 1, avoid 0
  • ketogenic: take 1, avoid 3
  • low-carbohydrate diet: take 2, avoid 1

Undecylenic are in Microbiome Prescription database. Undecylenic has nothing on PubMed dealing with the microbiome that I could locate.

My Impression are:

  • For the 4 B-vitamins we have agreement.
  • For everything else, we have so-so agreement. In fact, the agreement is the same that you would expect with flipping a coin (random)
  • We have very few suggestions of what to take
  • We have no clear suggestions on what to avoid (beyond “other diet” types).

Bottom Line

Thorne gives almost no suggestions. There is no links to study supporting their suggestion. The suggestions seem to be ultra-safe suggestions that should work for most people. It if very questionable if the bacteria results were used for the suggestions.

As an ex-teacher, I would not give a grade, I would give an INCOMPLETE-FAILED, nothing of significance submitted. No real effort made.

The videos below shows how you can see the evidence for the suggestions on Microbiome Prescription.

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