Microbiome and Age

Some people may ask “Does anyone know the list of gut microbes does ameliorate aging?” looking for a magazine of magical bullets to reverse aging. Unfortunately, there are far more bacteria then will fit into a magazine.

From Literature we can see the main genus involved. Remember every genus has many species. Every species have many strains.

From The gut microbiome as a modulator of healthy ageing [2022]
  • “The identified microbiome pattern of healthy ageing is characterized by a depletion of core genera found across most humans, primarily Bacteroides. Retaining a high Bacteroides dominance into older age, or having a low gut microbiome uniqueness measure, predicts decreased survival in a 4-year follow-up.” Gut microbiome pattern reflects healthy ageing and predicts survival in humans[2021]

This data has been added to Medical Conditions with Microbiome Shifts from US National Library of Medicine. With the following generic suggestions, which is also available to be tuned to your specific uploaded microbiome.

While we have over 4000 samples, most of the samples are from people dealing with health issues. The average number of matches for each age group (when given) is shown below. If your own values is significantly above the number under Matches, you should have some concerns. We do see the number increases around 70.

LabAge RangeMatches
OmbreLabAge: 30-405.1
OmbreLabAge: 40-504.8
OmbreLabAge: 50-604.7
OmbreLabAge: 60-705.2
OmbreLabAge: 70-806.7
BiomeSightAge: 30-404.8
BiomeSightAge: 40-504.5
BiomeSightAge: 50-604.6
BiomeSightAge: 60-704.2
BiomeSightAge: 70-803.9
BiomeSightAge: 80-907

I am 70, and decided to look at the last few years of samples. I noticed a blimp with a relapse of ME/CFS which slowly declined with remission.

Sample DateMatchesComment
October 20, 20195
December 6, 20197ME/CFS Relapse
December 13, 20197
February 23, 20205
October 29, 20206
July 27, 20216
September 9, 20214
January 24, 20224
May 23, 20224
September 18, 20225
December 1, 20225
Using OmbreLab tests

Using BiomeSight processing (which allows my earlier ubiome data to be added). We see the unhealthy spike with ME/CFS

Sample DateMatches
November 6, 20173
March 16, 20185Work Stress
March 19, 20197ME/CFS Flare
April 9, 20197
February 23, 20205
November 17, 20204
September 9, 20216
January 24, 20224

REMEMBER: Quality of processing of samples can vary greatly. The above should be taken with 0.1 grams of NaCl.

Example of Getting Suggestions

I used Microbiome Prescription site to identify these 4/5 and get suggestions. First, note that different labs detect things differently (See The taxonomy nightmare before Christmas…). The bacteria selections done below are based on the percentile ranking (> 75%ile or < 25%ile) of other lab results from the same lab.

Top Suggestions

What we see is that 5+4 = 8 bacteria of concern — only Enterobacteriaceae was shared between labs.

I then went over to Multiple Samples Tab and looked at the multiple sample Consensus

With the results shown below

The last two are interesting, with the consequence being a shift from chicken to using beef (and with likely smaller portions).

Bottom Line

As shown above, I would recommend getting your FASTQ files processed by both OmbreLab and BiomeSight … a continuing part of The taxonomy nightmare before Christmas… Then do both through this system and getting a Consensus report across samples.

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  1. Why does the prescription site state that lactulose increases bacteroides when many studies and even Jason Hawrelak state lactulose is a product that very quickly decreases bacteroides.

    1. The sources of the data (Studies on PubMed) are provided on the site. Different studies can produces opposite results.
      If there are studies (on PUBMED) that I missed or misinterpreted — please put the links in an email and send them to me.

      The study must be on PubMed and not some blogger opinion.

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