Cure Root Caus-icitis

This is a devastating mental infection of many people suffering severe ongoing health issues. The mythology is simple “Fix the root cause, and you will get better!” For acute, send yourself to the hospital, diseases this may be true, but there is another class of conditions where it is false.

Example, you developed rickets and developed skeletal deformities such as:

  • Bowed legs or knock knees
  • Thickened wrists and ankles
  • Breastbone projection.

We know the root cause, not sufficient vitamin D. Will taking vitamin-D correct the skeletal deformities? No. Treatment will slow progression. You have lung cancer because you are a heavy smoker, will stop smoking cure lung cancer? You have Long COVID, ah the cure is to always wear a N95 mask?

Yes There was a Cause likely, but…

For items dealing with the microbiome, the cause starts a microbiome cascade that keeps going onwards. Think of a land slide, things are changed. There are side-effects like impact on fish or even getting into towns. So people start trying to cure the landslide by clearing the river or building a new road or…. and those attempt at curing, could cause more problems.

The best example that is well documented is the Bergen’s Giardia Infection. The root cause was Giardia infection. They eliminated the giardia — but the IBS, ME/CFS issues remained. They very well documented the root cause and dealt with it. No magical recovery.

Going Forward

I view many conditions as being supported (in a few cases totally caused) by the microbiome. Finding the root cause is very very unlikely to impact treatment and the way back to health. Focus on what is contributing to your current state and not ancient history!

I just banned someone called Ross Walter

Why? he has twice attacked me ad hominem (i.e. an attack on the person). I have made no secret that I am a high functioning ASD person (functioning in terms of mathematics), and that I did not learn to speak or form sentences until I was 9 y.o. I know that items like grammar are a great weakness. To attack a person with a recognized disability, for a disability is neither polite nor acceptable.
I apologize if my grammar is not perfect — my blog is not intended to be a literary masterpiece, but to convey data!