Refactor “Changing Your Microbiome”

Often I am faced with requests to keep things simpler of the Microbiome Prescription site while getting requests to give more choices (often arising from people’s belief of what may work). I have just finished a revision attempting to balance these two (and set up infrastructure to give more choices in the future)

Old version menu of choices – with intermediate display
Revised version menu of choices – with intermediate display

The Expert Criteria takes you to a new page that has many criteria listed:

Expert Criteria Choices (more may be added as data becomes available)

There will be differences from each choice, because the bacteria selected will likely be different. For one sample:

  •  Use JasonH (15 Criteria) – 7 bacteria
  •  Use Medivere (54 Criteria) – 7 bacteria
  •  Use Metagenomics (59 Criteria) – 7 Bacteria
  •  Use Nirvana/CosmosId (36 Criteria) – 7 Bacteria
  •  Use XenoGene (22 Criteria) – 7 Bacteria
  •  Standard Lab Ranges (+/- 2 Std Dev) – 9 Bacteria
  •  Box Plot Whisker – 59 Bacteria
  •  Kaltoft-Moltrup Normal Ranges – 64 Bacteria
  •  Percentile in top or bottom %
    • 10% — 127 Bacteria
    • 5% — 55 Bacteria
    • 1% — 6 Bacteria

Why the differences? With only a few dozen bacteria with ranges, the chance of being picked is low. Box Plot and KM are computed for almost every bacteria. So with 700 bacteria, we have around 10% picked. With just 50 bacteria to be examined, we have around 14% picked.

These choices are also available in Advance Suggestions