Increasing Akkermansia: Probiotics and Kampo

This is a personal observation post and not my traditional aggregation of studies. Your experience may differ.

Known Sources:

Akkermansia Probiotic

This is available exclusively as Pendulum Akkermansia. We signed up for the subscription plan when it was first announced, and they have kept shipping at their low introductory price every month. Within I week of getting the first shipment, I read a few posts that “it did not persist”. Excuse me, the typical turnaround time for a microbiome test is 3-4 weeks. I suspect that someone is gas-lighting. Or, they may have been taking a hostile probiotic at the same time.

We subscribed to only one bottle and we decided that the wife would take it for the first two months (we rotate probiotics). The results were her Akkermansia muciniphila went from 4,530 to 64,920 (91%ile) — so, it appears to have persisted (or helped the native ones to prosper by creating a friendlier environment). I should point out that that the fact that she has some to start with may be a significant factor for this awesome increase (that is, the environment was not totally hostile).

She noticed some significant changes, to her the most significant one was a major improvement in sleep.

Kampo (Japanese Name)

This is also known as fang feng tong sheng san (Chinese: also may be named: Fang Feng Tong Sheng Pian (Fang Feng Tong Sheng Wan,  防风通圣片) – best names to use on Amazon) or Bofu-tsusho-san. A professional user of Microbiome Prescription reported a major increase of Akkermansia with his patients using this and forwarded two studies that illustrated this.

  • Bofutsushosan improves gut barrier function with a bloom of Akkermansia muciniphila and improves glucose metabolism in mice with diet-induced obesity. [2020]
  • Increase of Akkermansia muciniphila by a Diet Containing Japanese Traditional Medicine Bofutsushosan in a Mouse Model of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease [2020]
A massive bloom!
As an image

So, what else does Kampo do?

For additional studies, see pub-med.

Other Approaches

Current Experiment

As mentioned above, we rotate probiotics as a standard practice in our household. I am starting both the Akkermansia and Kampo and plan to do a new microbiome report in a month (so 2 months until this post gets updated). I expect a significant jump in my Akkermansia. At last test, it was 570 or 0.05% (via Biomesight), below the lower end of Dr. Jason Hawrelak Recommended ranges.


A 7 to 8 fold increase was seen after a month. The probiotic was stopped for a week before the sample was taken.

May be an image of text that says "Low High Description Bacteria Distribution (KM) BiomeSight (KM) 2021-10- 19 Self (family) Akkermansiaceae 16 Concern? Count BiomeSight 269847 글 Bacteria 2022-01- 24 Self (genus) Akkermansia Percentile 10 Distribution 570 269847 Count 署 Bacteria 34.7 (species) Akkermansia muciniphila Percentile 16 Distribution 570 4160 雪 199384 34.6 53.3 Bactena Distribution 570 4160 38.5 38 64.7 4160 55.9"
Using BiomeSight algorithm on FASTQ file
May be an image of text that says "Low Description iption High Bacteria Distribution (KM) Thryve (KM) 2021-09- 09 TEKNT (family)Akkermansiaceae 16 Concern? Thryve Count 269847 2022-01- 24 self (genus) Akkermansia Bacteria Percentile 10 Distribution 637 Count 269847 (species) Akkermansia muciniphila 言 Bacteria 35.8 Percentile 16 Distribution 637 4226 199384 言 Bacteria 35.7 53.4 Distribution 631 4276 64.8 39.4 4203 55.9"
Using Ombre algorithm on FASTQ file

As an unintended side-effect, a lost of 7+ kilos over 7 weeks without changing diet (or dieting)!!! I have also taken high dosages of bifidobacterium infantis with it. It is known to encourage akkermansia too.

2 thoughts on “Increasing Akkermansia: Probiotics and Kampo

  1. I had a microba analysis which found I had zero Akkermansia. Am a little frustrated that the pendulum doesn’t seem to ship to Australia.
    Curious about where to buy Kampo in Australia. Do you have it shipped from Japan?
    Thanks for your advice.

    1. You could always use one of the numerous reshipping companies, granted the probiotic is allowed into our borders. I have done this with another probiotic that only ships to the US. It is more pricey, obviously, and they let you know about it with their obscene shipping cost.

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