BiomeSight Issue and Consequences

There was a transcription error in a lookup table for biomesight ONLY, as a result

For most suggestions, this should have zero impact because the defaults do not include class or order numbers.

For End Products, the following would be incorrectly calculated.

  • Butyrate
  • Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin)

All of the KEGG data is based on Species and Strains – so no impact there.

Visual Representations would be off

Often a large blank area will appear
This missing section disappears with a fresh import

Remember “Data Drift” because our data is live

If you upload and get suggestions and then return in 4 months, you may get slightly different suggestions with the identical request. Why?

  • We based our detection of high and low from the examples uploaded. Lat month, 104 new samples were added. That’s a 6% growth/month.
  • We add more new studies every month – often dozens. This impacts our suggestions. At present we have 5500 studies that we extract information from.
  • Studies are increasing every month on 16s microbiome