Beware of false statements on sites: Jonas Health

A reader asked me to evaluate their offerings. Remember, I do NOT sell testing, I offer a free citizen science analysis on over 3 dozen different microbiome tests using Artificial Intelligence. One of the first thing that strikes me is false and misleading statements on some sites. The following is from Jonas Health for illustration purposes. A few are below, taken from their site in November 2023.

This is incorrect. They cannot identify ALL organisms, they can only identify the items in their reference library. For example, there are 30 new fungi species being added every year in 2004 ( Biodiversity of Fungi, 2004) and I would expect that rate to be increasing. NCBI currently lists over 2.5 million taxa. In 2012 it was just 235,000. That’s a 10 fold increase in 10 years.

It is unlikely to be “all”

Looking at their sample report we see numbers given with no scale.

As for research, we see two papers, neither titles suggests that lactose was the focus of the study. One seems focuses on Rice and oats. The article is here – the word lactose is never mentioned in the article. As this is a demo report, I would expect correctness. Also, the journal was Front Immunol. 2021; 12: 787797. and NOT Nature.

Next we see what may be correct per the sample, but no guidance on how to:

  • Increase Faecalibacterium Prausnitzii WHILE CONCURRENLTY Decreasing Faecalibacterium .

Bottom Line

Based on this sample report, I see ugly problems. Thorne Gut Testing is 40% of the cost and much more useful, especially if used with Microbiome Prescription. I attach a copy of their sample report below.

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