Verify Before Buying – $$$ over Science is the norm

In the last 24 hours I saw/got two similar messages:

Has anyone heard of Tim spectrum who works in the uk, a scientist study’s the microbiom currently offering the Zoe app. Was thinking of trying this to see if he can help my blasted gut issues. Plus his based in the uk we’re I’m from as has study in a uk hospital kings college. And wondering if maybe just maybe my own gps might be able to jump on board and help me a little more 🤷‍♀️. Paying for all these tests? Doing all these protocols? Paying all these naturel drs? Loosing a heel of a lot of weight in bank account? Looking ill? Diet after diets. And still friggin unwell 😡. Absolutely sick to death of the whole thing 😢. Anyone else out there feeling the same


And from a direct email:

Tomorrow I have an appointment with a Gastroenterologist and had intended to share excerpts from my XXXX test and from my upload of the same to  However, over the last few days I’ve spent a significant amount of time analyzing and comparing the two reports/data, and there’s such a discrepancy between them and their respective “Take/Don’t Take” suggestions that I don’t feel comfortable sharing the data from either report with the doctor.  

First, I want to make sure you know that I am well aware that XXXX and MicrobiomePrescription are never going to ‘match’, nor do I expect them to.  However, the data is so contradictory that I’m losing trust with it. 

Are you willing to look into these contradictions?  

From Email


Yes, I have compared. Microbiome Prescript provides the full evidence trail for every single suggestion.
See on how to do it.

XXXX does not provide this– often many sites references are pathetic, missing or based on a dietician’s / naturopath’s personal experience. I favor data from a clinical study with 100 people over what worked for 1 person.

Example from one site that I have access to. I have seen the same on other sites.

So we have advice without any evidence being provided.

Other sites, push their high profit margin products.

They provide bulk citations but nothing on which of the 9 overgrown pathogenic bacteria each will impact.

Their support people will reply per script… “It is well studied, look at all of the studies…”

MicrobiomePrescription would suggest an increase [opposite!].. and give links to the studies

And we provide links to the actual article on line (when possible). Not just the name of the study.
We also identify exactly what will be impacted and how.

One would likely be dismissed by your Gastroenterologist, the other — because of the full evidence trail, would be considered

You need to ask why they do not provide the same!!

MicrobiomePrescription was created by one person working in spare-time (full time work and supporting family). The other sites are for profit with paid employees. Often, venture capitals care not about quality or completeness — just sales. Hire 10 more marketing people instead of a caring scientist/researcher. I refer to this as “thirty pieces of silver” science.

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