Contribute your time to Citizen Science to find Gut Changers!

On Microbiome Prescription we have Look up a modifier of bacteria with many entries. It would be good for everyone if we increase the number of entries especially for atypical items.

YOU can help make it happen!

  • Find a herb, spice, food, drug of special interest to you
  • Go to
  • Type in the name with ” 16s microbiome “, for example, with “Vitamin K”

Click Search. you will hopefully get a few dozen (or hundreds) of studies.

Next is the long haul part. Go thru them (Example URL).

Ruminococcus ASV, a Lachnospiraceae Anerostipes ASV, two Lachnospiraceae NK4A136 group ASVs, and a Muribaculaceae ASV were enriched in the vitamin K deficient group, whereas a Bacteroides ASV was enriched in the MK4 group, and a Lactobacillus ASV in the MK9 group. 

  • Then comes the thinking part. Trying to describe the results.
    • Can you write a sentence such as “Vitamin K may increase Bacteroides  and Lactobacillus and a reduce Ruminococcus,  Anerostipes ,Muribaculaceae ” 
    • If so, include that in the file sent. (I will verify and it will serve as a double check the reading)
  • If the study was done on a person (or mouse) with a specific condition, we still include it.
  • Sometimes you will find that a substance with a common name may have multiple breakdowns.
  • Ideally, find other names of the substance and search each one.

Sending the Information to Me

I would suggest putting the links (i.e. like ) in a text file or excel and sending to me. Where practical, include a sentence on the impact.

The information sent (when added to database) is available to everyone! This is citizen science! As I remarked to someone earlier today “I do not have a business model, I have a pro bono model“.

Clicking on 📚 PubMed Citations  will show the citations

The encoded data can be used to evaluate yours and others microbiome against the patterns reported.

The data is extended on entry to it’s children and it’s parent (with reduced confidence)

That is it!!! You spend the time so others do not have to and can act on their challenges with better information!

Email the lists to