Mast Cell Moderators — non-drugs and suspect bacteria

In discussion with readers, interest in non-drug treatment of mast cell and histamine issues is very high. Trying to get traction with the microbiome has not been successful. On how to use Half-Life, see Half-Life: Not the game but supplements! For Arginine and Glutamine, 100mg of each every hour is suggested.

Dosages: Are the maximum deemed safe by an authority, not recommended dosage

Reflection into the Microbiome

Most of the items above are modifiers on Microbiome Prescription. An interesting experiment is to see which bacteria/taxa are modified in common with the above. Below are the taxa that occurs 6 or 7 times for the above 7 items.

Taxa NameRankImpactTimes Shared
LachnospiraceaefamilyMajor Decrease6
DesulfovibrionaceaefamilyMajor Decrease6
Bacteroides xylanisolvensspeciesDecreases7
Bacteroides caccaespeciesDecreases7
Bacteroides ovatusspeciesDecreases7
Bacteroides uniformisspeciesDecreases7
Bacteroides thetaiotaomicronspeciesDecreases7
Phocaeicola vulgatusspeciesDecreases7

Items that are marked decreases, are likely bacteria you may want to reduce if you have mast cell issues. Faecalibacterium is the one bacteria that you want to increase.

Applying to your microbiome sample

On the [Research Feature] tab. Find this section and click #2

See Video above for the rest of the steps

As always, review your plan with your knowledgeable medical professional before starting. Some substances may be inappropriate for other medical constraints.

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