Simplified Suggestions for Microbiome Adjustments

For the last few months I have been working with someone that runs a Long COVID support group. This has resulted in more modifiers being added. One of the outcomes has just been added to the site. She requested that a simplified set of suggestions be added to the site to make her life easier. This consists of items she picked from her experience dealing with the group.

These simplified suggestions has been added everywhere (tell me if I missed a page). If you use GI Map or similar reports, it is available after you have transferred and return to adjust suggestions. You should see these options on most suggestion pages now. To get this new condensed report, just click the checkbox.

Common Elements

GI Map and similar

The report is a CDV file (loads into Excel or other spreadsheet programs)

After loading, into Excel, you will need to adjust column widths

First load
After re-formatting as a table

If an item is a Take, then a clinical dosage is given (if known). Clinical Dosages are those reported from studies listed on the U.S. National Library of Medicine Clinical Trials site.

Example from a 16s Sample

Other sections are shown below.


At the bottom of the page are some essential reminders.

Some of the clinical dosages above may be problematic with some medical conditions. Dosages should be reviewed by a medical professional before starting. The suggestions are based on a mathematical model. dosages are from clinical studies.

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