What probiotics to take/not take with a probiotic?

A reader asked this question about Lactobacillus Salivarius (NCBI 1624). I am doing it for this single strain — for a mixture, just do each one and consolidate the results.

FIRST, login to access more information. Most of the information below do not require a login.

SECOND, look up the species

From https://microbiomeprescription.com/Library/Lookup?name=Lactobacillus+sa%25&top=200

THIRD, click on that link above, this will show what helps or hurts this probiotic. Click on [Probiotics] for a start — you want to make sure that other probiotics you are taking support it. Note that I have gone thru a few retail mixtures and the probiotics fight each other! Buyer beware of mixtures! In this case we have 26 listed. 24 are friendly and 2 are hostile (bacillus laterosporus (probiotic), bifidobacterium bifidum (probiotics)


FOURTH, There is one more source of information, by looking at the associations in microbiome report. On the same page above click the red interactions button.

On the https://microbiomeprescription.com/library/details?taxon=1624 page

This will show a page of bacteria that are associated positively or negatively with this bacteria (i.e. probiotic). You will need to type in the family names:

These have a positive impact (i.e. IMPACT is > 0)
Other lactobacillus are friendly

Looking for enterococcus, pediococcus and E.Coli — we find nothing, looking at clostridium butyricum (probiotics), we do not find it, but it’s siblings appear to have a positive impact.

FIFTH, check prebiotics (they are often bunddled in probiotics) — 18 are friendly and two are hostile

SIXTH Check Herbs and Spices, the results here may impact the rotation of herb and spices. You want to take friendly when you are doing the probiotics. Although they will likely not take up residency, the chemicals that they produce while in transit are good… you do not want to reduce the production of those chemicals.

Bottom Line

Doing your homework will get much better results than just tossing them in your mouth with something that will inhibit it!