Why one species may work for you and another not

Today I had a long Zoom call with someone that we hope to cooperate with for Long COVID. She mentioned that one species of probiotics works very well for some people with long COVID and it’s sibling do not. I explained that my working hypothesis is that a lot of interactions depends on the enzymes.

This resulted in us doing a quick lookup experiment using Microbiome Prescription databases.

I kept to only the probiotics that are retail available.

This hints that the reason that it works is due to the following enzymes (linked to Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes):

In theory, the 13 items above may be excellent candidates for novel pharmaceuticals to be trialed for treating long COVID.

This same approach may be done with other conditions and probiotics. By trials identify which probiotics have the most impact, use the same approach to identify possible enzymes causing the difference, then do a clinical trial.