Buyer Beware: Lab provided “normals”

BE VERY CARFUL ACCEPTING Lab ranges for “normal” or if they show an “average” and leaves you to interpret (more likely misinterpret).

One of the things that I have discovered is that often the numbers are NOT a normal curve or a bell curve. Averages and ranges using standard deviations are… well.. the same as saying that the earth is flat. (That use of averages and standard deviation is the standard process for many lab tests – it does not work for the microbiome)

Look at Statistics and Distribution for Prevotella(genus)… It calculates ranges using the KM algorithms…YOU SHOULD NAG THE LAB TO DOCUMENT HOW THEY CALCULATE THEIR RANGES AND THE JUSTIFICATION FOR SHOWING AVERAGE…

You may need a respirator for the amount of smoke that they send your way 🙂